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This game piss me off.

The translation is so ugly.
In the german language, they translate "Open Surgery Hospital". This means, you have to build a new building with only surgical specialisation! But you should only built a surgery station. Here is the next mistake. A station is in german a long floor in a hospital with rooms for the patients. There are no examinations or operations! Germans get confused of this mistake.

Some text are not translate and are still in englisch. If I pay for an german translation I expect an german text.

To run the game is also unable. Every minute is an pop-up information, therefore I cannot change anything.
You can add every special doctor with super power, they cannot work without a problem in one second.

The finance system in the game is also not running. You heal one patient, because your doctors are not able to heal more, and so you make more discredit.

This is not funny, this is bullshit that GOG get to sold for you.
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Did it get the new patch 1.2.22045 - Patch 35 on January 7th???