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This was a game that came with my PS2 way back in the day. A great little puzzler with an amazing atmosphere and premise. The problem is that I'm having so many...problems...just getting the game to run functionally:

1. I have a 1440 monitor and a side 1080 monitor, which the game likes to switch between once in game and I open the visual settings as being able to setting the resolution to 1440 disappears and I can only go to 1080 (which switches monitors). If I set the game to one of the lowest resolutions the game usually will go back to the main monitor.

2. There is something very very very wrong with using the mouse and this game. The game constantly acts as if there are invisible borders and the sensitivity will go all over the place. This games the game actually unplayable for me as I can't control the game pretty much at all.

3. This one might not actually be an issue, but the settings suggest that the game is running in 4:3. The game is using the full monitor(s) and the aspect seems right on the game, and the 2 16:9 settings mess up the ratio, so I think it's good even though it says 4:3

If someone can help get this game running properly it'd be much help!
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When it comes to fixing the resolution, try to run the game with the following command line argument: "-gfxsettings".
This will open a window where you can choose your graphical settings in-depth, but the only option that is of interest is the one at the top left listing all the possible resolutions. There should be the 1440 option listed here, just select it and click on the OK button to run the game.

Secondly you should definitely disable the startup movies as this creates another window and just messes up the resolution fix. The safest option is to add the "-nomovies" argument too.

Unfortunately I cannot help with the mouse, it is a game bug. I could fix it with some research but I do not know if GOG would let me create a modified version of the game for that. A temporary fix might be setting the mouse sensitivity at the maximum in the game's controls settings and increase it slightly in your OS mouse settings, as explained in a previous topic. Well, perhaps you have the inverse problem where the mouse is actually too fast...

Lastly, the game supports only 4:3 or 16:9 ratios so your gameplay may appear squished, there is currently no fix for that either.

I hope some of these tips will help you!
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