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So, i just installed Project Eden yesterday and had a blast. Works flawless, but i have encountered an issue i remember also having with the original disc version. The mouse control can be a bit erratic at times, as if the cursor is stuck or something. Most of the time the cursor moves smoothly, but suddenly it's getting jittery. It's hard to explain, but i hope someone else has also noticed this and has a solution.

The other issue is that i tried using my Xbox 360 Pad just for kicks, but it seems the old xinput vs direct input problem prevents this. Does anyone know if there is a simple wrapper program i can use to get direct input from my pad? I don't want to install any new drivers for this, just a little program that i can run when i need it. Like JoyToKey.
Yeah it occasionally sticks. I want answers!
Yes, the disk version still does it; with Patch 1.02.
Strange problem, it comes and goes.
Guter: Yes, the disk version still does it; with Patch 1.02.
Strange problem, it comes and goes.
Is there any clue as to why it does this?
I have no problems with controls whatsoever. Though I am running the game in Wine on Linux
I am totally experiencing this. Seems to happen mostly in versus games than in story mode, and only in multiplayer from what I can tell so far.

Also, I used to play single player with the old 2001 version and never experienced this.
I'm having this issue as well. Really adore this game but I can hardly play it like so.

Has anyone found a workaround? Using Windows 8.
I'm not sure if this is what you guys have encountered, but what I just noticed myself is that when I get affected by the Timeshock weapon, my cursor movement will become sticky indefinitely, as if there's a deadzone. This happens both with direct fire (Beam) or the Area sphere.
The only way I found to fix it is to Quit the game (to the main menu).
So to fix it in single-player, I can just save my game, then Quit to the main menu, and then load my game again. That will fix this Timeshock issue for me.
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It started happening to me after using the Timeshock too! I tried saving and quitting, but for me the issue is happening on the main menu too!