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Is there an easy way to unlock the table adjustments in Timeshock's operator menu?

I want a fair chance of beating this game because the defaults are shit, but what should be necessary adjustments for non-pinball wizards who simply want to play and beat the game to have fun are locked out.

It has reached the point where I've started restarting the whole game just after losing one ball just to avoid a game over as much as possible. The manual just says to "play more games" to unlock the features but it never says how many and I can't be arsed to suffer a million defeats just to be finally given a fairer chance.

Constantly losing a game without getting past any stage is not fun, it's boring. Don't bother saying this isn't the genre for me because I'm not going to listen: I've had enough. I have loved the genre since my earliest childhood with Timeshock being my very first table and I want to complete that love by beating it.

But filthy commoners such as myself can't beat it without abusing the operator's menu or outright hacking the game. It I had to choose between losing all the time with no progress made, or at most only 50 or 90%, versus always winning with no challenge, I'd rather play the game the way that lets me, you know, play.

Here's a link to a review of a game that reminds me a lot of pinball's unfairness in an attempt to back up my point. I don't want to come off as a deliberate flamer or an angry knob seeking attention as I have beaten many hard games before like Far Cry Instincts and its Evolution expansion, Super Meat Boy, ROTT 2013 on hard and the Binding of Isaac Rebirth.

(the emulation bugs and framerate parts of the review make me think of the Windows GOG Timeshock's bugs and the fact it no longer runs; at least it doesn't run on Windows 10, but was buggy as hell for me on 8)
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