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As far as I can remember, Prison Architect (back then by Introversion) worked all too neatly on my Linux systems. With the latest (clink?) update, however, the game is not playable anymore. It begins when I start a new game. I have the lorries arriving, the workmen gather in the Deliveries section, there are some materials lorries coming as well once I have decided to build foundations and put an entrance in (just like back in the old days), but the workmen keep standing there doing nothing. Not a single thing. The jobs list is full, but not a single worker starts to move. This looks utterly broken to me. Un-play-able. What can cause such a thing? There seems some mechanism completely broken.

As Gog has no running Linux version available anymore, I shall take a look at my local backups. But I strongly suggest to refrain from purchasing in such a horrible state. It would be good to provide an alternative version. One which works at least in the most fundamental regards.
Post edited July 27, 2019 by t0nda