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I have been playing the game almost 24/7 and three times noticed a prob':

1. An object got stuck on a walk way (not sure it was the object that did it) and all characters got stuck trying to walk from there and to there, had to fire them all, and still this only fixed it a bit.

2. Suddenly buildings, characters and objects get a red mark (visible in the "Materials" icon for one) that says things like "too dangerous" etc', didn't find a way around this one, canceling the job, location only helps short term.

3. Objects like tray table, metal sheet and jobs like "search prisoner" or "move dead prisoner" cannot be reached/done, they just ignore them or say it's too dangerous.

In the pic you can see how it starts, they just stack things in one or two spots, never clean them and then other tasks become "too dangerous".

Any helpful tips on how to avoid or fix will be appreciated.

Thanks :)
prison_1.jpg (455 Kb)
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