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Goes straight to the main screen and when you start you get the ingame scene with the 5 soldiers but not the video beforehand.

Going into the options there is a button to play intro but the screen goes black and after a few seconds says check installation. After clicking the tick button goes back to title screen.

Anyone got any ideas?
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Unfortunately this issue also seems to happen on the steam version, so I guess no-one has managed to fix it so far (AFAIK) :(
The only way to see the intro video seems to be solely through a media player. The video (in AVI format) is on the game's "movie" folder.
Yeah I checked the Steam forums about it. From what I understand it uses an old Indeo Video codec (same as Thief 1&2 and System Shock 2) which can be enabled on Win 7 (32&64 Bit) onwards with a DLL.

Seal of Evil is the same also by same developer
Is there a specific codec which one can install and enable the videos? I've searched the net and couldn't find precise info (not for "Prince of Qin", at least).
Yeah it’s the Indeo Video Codec. There is a setup for it in the install directory which works fine on Windows 7 onwards on both 32 & 64 Bit

You can also enable that codec with a dll file as it is there just not enabled.

There’s instructions on how to enable it in the Thief forum if you just search for Indeo and then it’s a thread I created with said dll and how to activate it. When you open the thread after searching click on the thread name so you get full thread as 32 bit windows you can just paste it into CMD prompt and it activated but 64 Bit you have to change directory and then do it.

I grabbed that Seal of Evil this morning on Steam and the videos work fine on it. Slight stuttering in the title screen mouse movement but ingame is just fine. I did have to add the exe file to the DEP settings as it jumped back out to Windows after the intro. Now working as it should
Thank you for your help. Unfortunately I tried following your advice reading the Thief thread (activating the dll using the CMD) and, even though I got a message stating that the procedure was successful, the intro still refuses to run. Maybe it's some sort of incompatibility with my codecs pack or something.

Alas... but it's not serious. The game runs perfectly otherwise.
Thanks again for your suggestions :)
Yeah you have to watch it in a media player so no biggie really.

At least Thief etc works fine with that fix!