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Hello there

I've been trying both widescreen fixes on Prince of Persia SOT but both of them are not working. I keep getting a 4:3 image and the resolution options stay 4:3. However, whenever I close the game I see a brief glimpse of a widescreen menu screen, which gives me hope this can be easily fixed. Do you have any suggestions?

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You try fix from

I tested all three fixes for three parts of game and it work. You need edit pop.ini and choose your resolution, after that copy it in game folder. And maybe you must choose resolution in game option, its all try.
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Try this:
install ps2wide patch:

extract the file in the same folder as game executable
open pop.ini and specify your resolution.

Erase this files:
this files will be automatically rewrite by the game at next launch

launch the game? It works?