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Changelog for update GOG-7 (Mac) (added 08 February 2016):

- We've updated the Mac version of Primordia to be compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 "El Capitan".
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Update (17 October 2019)

We've added support for the following languages:
- French
- German
- Spanish
surfer1260: Update (17 October 2019)

We've added support for the following languages:
- French
- German
- Spanish
This change also adds a host of quality of life and stability improves, restores music to a scene where it was missing, and fixes many bugs:
Primordia, Upgrade (2021,12,05)
Primordia - Italian Translation

Exactly nine years after Primordia's release, we are honored to be able to share an Italian translation, courtesy of the hard work of Marco de Vivo, one of the tireless volunteer translators who have helped make Primordia available to players around the world. This Italian translation is particularly important to me because the humanistic themes of the game owe so much to Italian writers such as Calvino, Levi, Buzzati, and Ecco, whose works I have only been able to enjoy thanks to translations into English. To give one specific example, this sentence from Invisible Cities rolled around in my head while creating Metropol and the struggle between Clarity and Metromind: "In the seed of the city of the just, a malignant seed is hidden, in its turn: the certainty and pride of being in the right—and of being more just than many others who call themselves more just than the just." It is a great satisfaction, and a humbling moment, to be able to share Primordia back to a culture from which I have received so much.

In order to avoid breaking save games, we are not integrating the patch into the main build, so you will need to follow the steps below to install it. As we always have done, we will provide prompt and continuous support to make sure that any bugs and snags with the translation are taken care of quickly. We hope you enjoy the game, and that it finds another nine years of kind reception from our players.
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For the Mac version there is somthing wrong with the file structure. Galaxy creates an extra folder "Primordia" with the app "" in it and a folder named "Contents\Resources" with the files "goggame-1207659144*" inside. These files should placed inside the app in normal case.
Heya, Lebonstein, this is how it was originally set up, so we stayed into that [that's not much of an answer here tbf], I could properly set up the files, but what I've noticed is doing that creates 2 apps in Applications [meaning the older one has to be manually removed]

If you'd rather have the proper app inside Applications and be "forced" to manually remove the Primordia folder [containing the app, which is how it's currently set up], I'll be happy to make that switch! Let me know!
surfer1260: Update (17 October 2019)

We've added support for the following languages:
- French
- German
- Spanish
Unfortunately, this update makes older saved games unusable:

Starting game
An internal error has occurred. Please note down the following information.
If the problem persists, post the details on the AGS Technical Forum.
(ACI version

Error: Unable to restore the saved game.
Saved content does not match current game.
Mismatching size of global script data.
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Did a very minor patch fix.

-Typo in Kiosk
-Crispin scaling issue in Underworks
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We are very happy to now announce the offering of Hungarian and Turkish for Primordia!!

To gain access to the languages, you need to follow these steps:

GOG GALAXY-> Primordia -> The customise button right of your play button->
Manage installation-> Configure -> Installation -> Beta channels -> Change/Add private channel password
-> Type "turkhung" then select TurkishHungarian and let the game update, and you're set.

(Note: You need to start over and cannot progress from your current savegame, if you have one)
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Happy birthday to Primordia! Today marks 11 years since its release!! And we have worked on a big patch.
A list of specific follows below, but I'd like to prefacing it by saying, that we love your support and your encouraging words over the years. Myself and Mark have constantly put work into Primordia primarily to reward the players for their faith in us and in the game, inherently. I hope everyone has a wonderful time playing the game during the holiday season, that's almost upon us. Thank you so much, I can't stress that enough!! We love you!

Primordia Patch Notes:

1) Ctrl-G now switches between MOUSE/KEYBOARD to skip speech and MOUSE/SPACE.
Essentially this means when the only keyboard key that will work is space and any mouse click will also skip
the dialog/speech lines
2) Re-arranged options/settings in the OPTIONS/SETTINGS UI, so that they make more sense.
3) Added OPTIONS/SETTINGS on the Main Menu Screen [bottom right, there's a cog/gear]
4) Added an extra option that defines whether mouse/keyboard/time is how dialog/speech progresses
or mouse/keyboard meaning it will remain till the player clicks or hits a key.
5) Added an extra option for text, which is Voice Only. Any voiced lines that are difficult to read
or like boops or bleeps, will still appear on screen, but this essentially allows players to play the
game, without text visually appearing on the screen.
6) The game has been upgraded to version of the engine, saves will not break to our testing,
but in case they do end up breaking, you can revert to the previous version of the engine.
The reason why we change to this version, is because it fixes a lot of visual issues and compatibility issues
with input devices [mice and keyboard]. It also allows the game to run at more likely a desired and proper
resolution for the player.
7) Fixed the infamous issue with the "Three Musketeers" and "We're all in this together" achievements.
8) Fixed an issue with Crispin disappearing.
9) Now settings persist through saves [meaning your settings will now be the same for all your saves]

- If you want to revert to the older Primordia,

GOG GALAXY-> Primordia -> The customise button right of your play button->
Manage installation-> Configure -> Installation -> Automatically update to newest version [untick it] -> Select the previous version (3.0a) and you're set!
latest update goes wrong under mac os: