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Are either of these available for this game? The game is stuck in 1024x768 and a large section of the screen on the right side is getting cut off on my monitor.
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I'm not sure either of those options are possible with this game. You can however change the resolution to 1280x960 though I'm not sure if that will stop the screen getting cut off. To do this go into the praetorians folder, find your profile and open it in notepad. Then change GAME_RES to 3.
Thanks for the post. It worked for me and it is nice to have 1820x960 res to play this game on :)
Here is the patch: forums.eidosgames .com/showthread.php?s=d8fc6e95e35929e64b9abb795ef153e6&t=81380
(There is a gap before .com cause the forum doesn't allow me to post links correctly, delete the gap before .com
for the link to work)
Beautitul. The patch works perfectly. Thank you!