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«Praetorians Mods Complex 2.5 Patch» specifically for GOG, Steam and CD releases.

Special release «Praetorians Mods Complex», for the game «Praetorians» by Steam, directly from the from developers of this build.

Because happened that users GOG, Steam and CD releases, used «Praetorians Mods Complex» as a fixes and localization of the game, which was not originally designed for this I decided to create a special build (Patch) for exactly this purpose.


«Praetorians Mods Complex 2.5 Patch» (further PMC 2.5 Patch) distributed «as is» (Freeware). «PMC 2.5 Patch» is distributed free of charge, provided distribution package will be an unchanged form. You may not alter, modify, rent, lease or sell «PMC 2.5 Patch». The user assumes the entire risk associated with the use of «PMC 2.5 Patch». The author is not responsible for any consequences, direct or indirect, special or other damage caused by this software. Using the «PMC 2.5 Patch» implies that you accept the terms of this license agreement.

ABOUT «PMC 2.5 Patch»:

1). PMC 2.5 Patch, this is not a complete game, and for its installation requires the prior installation of the official versions of the game Praetorians, therefore patch is quite legal, because it does not violate any copyrights.

2). PMC 2.5 Patch - free software. We do not require any payment, but if you want to somehow to thank and support this project, please contact a personal message.

3). PMC 2.5 Patch - fixes basic bugs, which cause the game to crash.

4). PMC 2.5 Patch - compatible in multiplayer game (GameRanger, Hamachi, Tunngle, etc.) with all versions of the game (Steam, GOG, CD releases), as well as with Mod Imperial 4.1 / 5.0 to choose from.

5). PMC 2.5 Patch this:
a). Multiple options Mods, plus new nations.
b). 3 variants of artificial intelligence (CPU).
c). Text localization in 8 languages.
d). Voice localized in 5 languages.
e). Additional sets of sounds.
f). 7 accommodation options Toolbara.
g). 5 sets of texture units.
h). 36 screen savers for the menu.
i). About 300 additional maps.
j). Great choice of display resolutions.
k). Advanced Configure camera distance.
l). Auto-update.
And much more. All this can be configured with a special program - Settings.

6). Installer «Praetorians Mods Complex 2.5 Patch», automatically fixes some game compatibility with the system when you install the game on Windows 7/8/10.Also in the archive with the installer supplied folder «Installation Tutorial - Solving Problems», there is detailed instructions with the tools to resolve of the game compatibility issues with new operating systems, which are often found. Please read carefully!

7). Continued support from the developers and feedback from users. We try as much as possible to help all users in dealing with various problems and we will are very grateful for your cooperation.

8). PMC 2.5 Patch - simple to install. Installing the patch takes place almost automatically. No need to manually remove anything, the installer will do everything that is required by yourself.

Download «Praetorians Mods Complex 2.5 Patch»: (853 Mb).



1). Before installing «PMC 2.5 Patch» is recommended to disable the UAC (User Account Control).This must be done to ensure that no action of the installer and program settings are not blocked. This is especially important if you have installed Windows 7/8/10 and also game is set in the system «Program Files» folder.«How To Turn Off UAC» in your system you can find on the internet in the search by specifying that question. This can be done in different ways, choose yourself a convenient variant for you.
2). After turning off UAC, you must restart the computer.
3). Run the installer «Praetorians Mods Complex 2.5 Patch.exe» as an administrator, specify the path where the game is installed (the path to the folder .. \ Praetorians) and wait for the completion of its installation. When the installer runs the program «Settings», it means that the installation is complete.
4). In the program «Settings», select the language of the game interface and click «Apply».
5). Launch the game in the "Profile" settings, create your gamer profile.
6). Close the game.
7). The program «Settings» in the «Resolution» section, select the ratio of your monitor (3:4, 16:9, 16:10).
Click on the button «Resolution» select a resolution that your monitor supports. Click «Apply» or «OK» in this window.
8). Make all of the desired settings in «Settings» program and click «Apply» or «OK».
9). Close the «Settings» program.
10). Turn on UAC (User Account Control).
11). After UAC is enabled, you must restart the computer.
12). Start the game and enjoy.


You can try to install the game without turning off UAC, but then no guarantee that all will be installed correctly. To decide how to do it to you. I can only assure you that «PMC 2.5 Patch» does not bear any danger of your system.
The program «Settings» makes renaming files inside the game. Therefore, the program «Settings» (for it to work correctly) must be run as administrator, especially if the game is installed in the folder «Program Files». For the auto-update of the game, you must disable UAC. If your game is not installed in the system folder «Program Files», then there is no need to disable UAC for auto-update.

I hope that «PMC 2.5 Patch» will help to revive the game.

If you have questions, ideas or some thoughts, please write here the topic, I will try to answer as much as possible.
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Issued Praetorians Mods Complex 2.5.5 Patch, Release 15.04.2016


Installation instructions inside the archive.
Issued Praetorians Mods Complex 2.6.0 Patch
Release 26.04.2016


Installation instructions inside the archive.

What's New::

• Changed program a configuration, «Settings.exe»:
1. Added three modes switchable configuration for the sections "Balance of units" and "Set of Maps";
a. Custom - individual adjustment mode.
With the inclusion of this mode, restores configuration that were before the leave this mode.
b. Rules - fixing the configuration mode, without the possibility of change (for multiplayer games on the "Rules").
c. NoRyles - fixing the configuration mode, without the possibility of change (for multiplayer game "No Rules").
2. Added button «Default Settings» - reset all user settings to the default configuration.
3. Added a button «Save Settings» - saves the current settings in the individual the file «
4. Added button «Load Settings» - restores previously saved settings from the file «
5. The ability to change the window size. This need for monitors with a resolution of less than 768 in height.
6. In the file Settings.ini, added entry Date and Time last run the program «Settings.exe».
7. Other minor adjustments and a slight modification of the program code, «Settings.exe».
• Added a new map - «Olympus» for 4, 6 and 8 players. Author Thot Xavi (- [God] -).
• Other fixes.

Customers of the Complex since version 2.4 and higher can also update the game to version 2.6.0
if you press the "AutoUpdate" in the "Settings" program. Updating size is ~ 20 MB (it only takes a few seconds).

Program Settings:
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If you are the creator of this mod, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication. All the customization options are optional and bring more variety to the game.
I'd want to ask about graphic style of this mod (and Imperial mod also). Do new units and factions fit visually into the game, don't they give impression of awkward hand-made mess? I am personally not a big fan of user-added graphics, it often ruins the whole game - it's why I'm asking.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: And the attached screenshot of Settings menu has a radiobutton under Balance of units section saying Imperial Mod 7.0. I thought 5.0 is the last available version?
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Praetorians Mods Complex 2.9.0
Release 03/03/2018