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First, a small confession. I've tried to get into this game time after time, but it's never grown on me.
It's not that it does anything wrong. The graphics are crisp, the units and formations are unusual, there's no resource management, it needs a fair bit of thought to progress, and it's obviously been made with love and polish. Despite all that, it just comes across as being a bit old-school. Kind of like C&C meets Myth with a bit of Dawn of War thrown in, all wrapped up in the visual style of Age of Empires.
There's nothing wrong with that, but nor is there anything particularly exciting about it either. For me, this is one of those above-average titles that I'll hang on to but probably never finish. Gamers who go for traditional RTS's with a twist might enjoy it more than I did.
Exact same opinion.
I am not entirely sure those are fair comments? Or are they?....I played it a fair bit for a while, have no particular complaint,,, just to say that it is not one of those games i like to dust off and play again every now and then like Civ2 for example.

If i felt like playing that type of game, my hand would reach for Rise of Nations, before it reached for this game.
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