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Does the GOG Praetorians version need to be updated to 1.05?
It is version 1.04 as this was the last official patch, so if you wish to play version 1.05 you will have to apply it yourself - however, the installer of patch 1.05 does not recognize the GOG installation, so you would have to extract the installer and apply the patch manually somehow. But honestly, after checking out the changelog I've come to the conclusion that it's not worth the effort unless you wish to play it online (and I'm not sure whether the community is still keeping the multiplayer alive).
I read somewhere that this patch also enabled higher resolutions and widescreen support, can anyone confirm this?
If so it would be really interesting to be able to apply this patch.
By the way this patch is made by one of the developers of the game.
If anyone still wonders - you can unpack the patch using e.g. 7-zip, please the exe int the main folder and one of the language files in DATA folder, just use the language you need, ignore other files.