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After the GT logo and the small video, when you must enter your name, you can move the mouse pointer for a sec or so, and then it stops responding. It happens just the same with the keyboard. I begin to delete the default name "Rasputin", but then after a second or so the controls stops responding. All I can do then is ctr+alt+del and wait for the task manager to show up so I can kill the process. Once the task manager appears, the mouse pointer stars to respond/move so damn slow it's really difficult not to lose your temper when trying to kill the Poweslide process. Sometimes I have to kill explorer.exe too to get back control of Windows.

My specs:

Windows 7 64
Intel C2D E6600
Nvidia GTX260OC

I've tried installing nglide. Same result. Any hints?
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I have no idea, I suggest to contact support for this one.