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JudasIscariot: Did you install the game with the latest version of the installer for Powerslide we uploaded not too long ago? The update specifically addressed the music problem. If this persists even with the latest version, please write to our Support department about this and make sure to attach a DxDiag file to your email. Thank you :D
Astyanax32: I did uninstall the game, and then redownload and installed, but nothing changed. Actually, I found out yesterday that after I installed nGlide 1.00, addressing a problem in a different game, that my audio volume levels were fixed! Maybe it had something to do with when the glide wrapper gets enabled when entering a race...
Glad to hear your sound problems got fixed :D. Still, I'd recommend dropping Support a line, if you don't mind that is :D.
Nordwolf: Music is working now, but I discovered something weird. The music during the race is very quite and when I try to adjust the music separately, both music and sound effects are affected. I mean, when I turn down/up the volume for music, sound effects are affected as well and vice versa. Is that normal? Because in that case, I cannot set the music louder during the race... engines will always stay louder than the music. Hmmm, strange...
This really has to be fixed. One of the main reasons I (and a lot of other people, I'm sure) love this game is for its great soundtrack. Back in the days I used to play it with SFX set to minimum, just enjoying The Dam Track, Speedway and Devil's Elbow themes (the last one being absolutely awesome).

So please, please, do something about it! ^_^