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I was thinking of getting the DOS version of Powerslave/Exhumed in addition to Nightdive's "Powerslave Exhumed" for completeness' sake.

When all is equal, I usually prefer GOG over other platforms for the obvious reasons.

However, in this case, the "most helpful" user reviews suggest that things are NOT equal.

In the GOG store page, "CheeseDip_" says that this is the "Exhumed" version of the game with the "bad strafing" that apparently plagued the game. But at least the music is included.

On the other hand in the Steam store page, "⛧RETRODEATH ⛧" explicitly states that this " is the rarer "Powerslave" (not Exhumed), with the issues the original version have fixed like the strafe speed issue, C key not working, and a few" (other fixes) ... "They also configured this release to work with the redbook audio".

Could someone that owns said game please confirm whether the above are true?

Is it that maybe the GOG release is older and Steam's newer or that maybe now both stores now have the same release but the reviews were made at a different time?
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