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Well was looking up some postal 3 stuff today and found out that postal 3 engine is using orange box engine developed by vavle . do you think the engine will make the game better ? well love the source engine and own many games of it . what do you think ?
It uses the Source Engine not the Orange Box Engine since there isn't one.
Yeah theres 2 different engines i know , for example css uses source engine , ep2 , dod:s tf2 and most other mods/games use ep2 engine/ob ( orange box engine )
Bleh nevermind brain fart. You are right.
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It's supposed to be coming to Linux, so hopefully it's not some crappy Wine port, and they actually get a native Linux client.
I really do like the Source engine though, and Postal 3 looks great. Definite buy.
From what I heard it was supposed to be the first Source game coming to the consoles. So that means a set release date was before the Orange Box's release but I guess something happened and it got delayed. It sucks, but what I'm concerned about is they are going to use a 3rd person perspective instead of a first person perspective which kinda worries me. I love the game being in first person rather than 3rd person.
The Source engine might make Postal better. It's an old engine but you can still get a lot out of it if you take your time. Hopefully it will be good. And maybe you'll be able to use the many props, ragdolls, etc into Garry's Mod.
Delekhan: It uses the Source Engine not the Orange Box Engine since there isn't one.

The Orange Box engine is a modified version of the Source Engine. It's still Source but it's modified to support dynamic shadowing and lighting as well as dual core support.
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Yeah i liked first person better that Third person cause better aiming and experince