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I write this taking in mind people who might be thinking to buy this game... so spoiler-wise I'll be biting my tongue.
The problem with most people who speak of Postal 2 is that they want to hold it up to the same standards they would hold other games. The problem with that Postal 2 is a "unique" experience. Let me cut it down for you all:
The game is poorly made, I mean that in every sense of the word. The development team was so small they where able to fit in most (if not all) of them as in-game characters. A first view might leave people thinking it's a gag, that a few of the makers where put in just so everyone could rip them to pieces and have a good laugh... though when I finally saw the credits I was surprised.
I played this on vista... it was buggy... instead of fixing the bugs the design team put in a set of things to alleviate the pain instead. Such as getting "popped" out of the geometry whenever you get stuck in it (accompanied by a reassuring text so you know everything is all right) or an option for limbs to disappear instead of having them stay in-game and eventually cause a crash because of a physics. Very much like an menopausal woman surgically removing her womb because "all it could do now is just get cancer... nothing else". On this count I pardon them... since with the "remove limbs" option the game is stable.
Everyone takes this game too seriously... by that I mean both detractors and supporters... I bought it so I'll put myself amongst the supporters or else I'll have to admit I made a bad decision (instead of buying a pizza). I don't wanna spoil any of the greater details of this work of art, but the potty humor and the overabundantly crude language needs to be put in context. If this offends you or makes the game look like it taking "cheap shots" and trying to sell on "shock value" alone then I guess you just don't like the game... period. It's no more violent than a Rambo movie (havent seen one in a while though..) and not as "shocking" as South Park. If you don't mind any of this, or are mature enough to take it in good humor, then keep on reading.
One of the worst things I have against this game is that it's actually too fun for it's own good as a sandbox. Once your done "fooling around for now" you find out you gotta trek all the way to the other edge of the city... which can be much of a grind at times... simply walking and finding your way around. Cars are nothing but useless exploding props in the game, you will go everywhere on foot. If you do decide to play this I advise to walk where you should go and have your "fun" on the way instead of staying in the same place.
Kudos for the weapons... the stuff you use is usually very diverse and every weapon is unique in the way it operates. Redundancy is non existent and simply playing around and getting used to the way some things work is enough fun in and of itself. A few mentions are the boomerang machete, gas tank and WMD... oh the WMD...
The expansion squeezed some cold sweat out of me... it shatters the pace of the original game and is veeery creepy, and for some, disturbing. Plays a bit more like a horror game and is much more polished and action packed. The expansion is more along the lines of what someone would expect from a game.
You could say there are some interesting "side quests", though they are not presented as such... you simply do them because you feel like it, not much to gain other than possibly a few more weapons... as for weapons.
The graphics hold up good, since the textures where made via photographs. Add some anti aliasing and it looks great.
Okay so I've babbled on and said nothing... lemme set things straight then:
NOT a serious game, you NEED a sense of humor for this.
The game was made with a Somalian thin budget.
It kicks ass, it's a classic, it should be heralded along grand theft auto 3 for the gameplay style but it isn't.
Crashes like a mo fo... unless you hit the "don't crash" button.
If you look closely... it resembles art... more like performance art than fine art but art regardless...
Costs about as much as a pizza.
Runs on my laptop.
Gore and violence.
Violence and gore...
And potty humor...
4/5 because of the sheer kickass-ness balenced off by the need of a "dont crash" button and the need to ask yourself "is it okay if I like this game?".