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Simple, yet unique scoring system (Kills increase score, death reduces it) that I don't see in other shooters. Suddenly getting 6 scores doesn't seem so easy. More importantly, bot support. Not to mention (and especially) the awesome victory dance sequence. Combine that with the variety of weapons and you get yourself an awesome unique shooter. You get to urinate on your opponents for extra humiliation too, so there's that.

.... but of course it's not perfect. Maps could use a bit more variety. Some maps are pretty annoying to navigate too. Certain weapons are pretty terrible to use (mainly Molotov and Grenade). I find that if Auto-switch weapon on pickup is not turned on, you spawn with your useless hands instead and have to switch to the deagle yourself.

Also, fuck Gary Coleman (the fucking dwarf player model with small hitboxes and being annoying to hit, not the actual person). At least give him a mech suit or piggyback on a babe or something so that he's the same height as other player models.