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How do you guys even manage? I tried lowering the mouse sensitivity, and I tried with the keyboard with GOG's hotfix, and I still can't manage anything satisfying. I'll always get killed in the first level, because at some point I'll try to aim but end up aiming right beside my opponent, and he takes advantage of the huge window of opportunity.
This is some of the worst aiming I've ever seen. A shame, since the game itself is pretty satisfying, and features some pretty heated gunfights.
Post edited September 18, 2009 by Chihaya
When using the mouse for aiming, be sure to put the tap degrees to 0 or you'll randomly fly in all directions. Also, it might help if you bind the two available strafe controls to the same keys as your "Left" and "Right" controls.
I agree it's amazing just how bad RWS managed to screw up with the controls here. :-)