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not politically correct. in bad taste. guilty pleasure. these are some of the ways this game was described
when it came out. wanna gun down Gary Coleman? he's in there. (yes thats his voice,) wanna wipe out the marching band? enjoy. ever wanna just kill everyone? seek help. or maybe play this game!
invade an insane asylum, get some napalm for those weeds, kill some bums, pee on a grave,
kill a station full of cops, kill the guys who made the game! and dont forget to visit the elephant
Bar-B-Q, enjoy such bad taste weapons as the mad cow, (a cows head with a gas that makes the
victim throw up blood till they die) the catgun, (a cat with a shotgun up its bum,) molotov cocktails,
(burn baby, burn.) or napalm. (same thing,) plus the usall collection of guns, missle launchers,
and other fun toys. not for the easily offended.
multiplayer: do all the evil stuff in the game to your friends!