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Okay people, It seems I've read just one too many defacing reviews for
this game.
this game is not meant to be taken seriously... on any level, even as
a game. If your looking for a serious game, stick to your half-lifes,
halos, and other hard core story driven shooters, but when, and yes
the day will come, you finally need to take a break from all the
cheesy and contrived stories that plague even the game industry's
best... then it's time to go Postal.
This game's "story" is almost non-existent, and too often I hear this
referred to as a bad thing. Truly, it's one of it's greatest assets.
Anyone can pick up this game and instantly start pissing all over
everything, literally pissing.
People complain about "unrealism" and it's true, I have no idea why
all the citizens of paradise (the fictional setting) are packing heat,
all I know is that means more ammo for me to kill people and get more
this game is a hilarious romp through the streets of a fictional city
where anything goes, and as such it's cult following is well earned
and deserved.
It only gets 4/5 because even with it's slew of weaponry, I just want
more. They should have released weapon packs for this game.