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Hi there,

one of the great things considering the patch for Postal 2 (not the recent one, I mean back in the old days) was the "headshots" cheat. I think it gave the game so much more - shot a guy in the head and he dies instead of just blinking. Unfortunately, this seems to be a cheat and so no achievements and unlockables if I use it, am I right? If so, then please - could it become a main feature instead of a cheat?

Usually, it would be pointless to ask such a question in a forum - but I know that the almighty RWS staff really reads and replies here, so I'll give it a shot.

Pretty pleaaaase? :)
As someone who played the game back in 2003, the headshot cheat and the early patch that increased weapon damage made the game 10 times more enjoyable. The game used to be worse than vanilla Far Cry 2. I have no opinion on making this a non-cheat though.