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There was huge controversy over this 'murder simulator' back when it was released and that controversy is still alive today. There are good and bad points to this game - lets take a look at the good first....
There are a total of 11 different difficulty settings with the map changing as the difficulty is increased. Reading the 'diary' in the manual gives most of the storyline and is an insight into a troubled and fragile mind. Even on the easiest setting things can get intense at times - the game does not reward just running out into a middle of a group and firing... that will most likely lead to your own death. As such some thought is need to plan your way through a level to maximise opportunity to attack whilst minimising the liklihood of being hit. Weapons come in a variety from a weak but unlimited ammo automatic rifle to shotguns and molotov cocktails. The shotgun is fairly short range but pretty devastating when it hits and the molotovs explode into fire creating a 'pool' of fire within an area temporarily. This can be used tactically as a method to get away or create a wall enemies cannot get past for a short time. There are cheats already built into the game code if you want to see the most difficult setting but die within moments when trying - but of course cheating removes the tactical nature needed which should be beared in mind.
Now the bad.... The keyboard controls are broken - there is no other way of describing it. The ability to turn left does not function properly via keyboard and discussions are on going on the forum - for the extra special edition levels the configuration to increase turning speed works. However mouse control works - rotate the character by moving the mouse left and right and move forward with right mouse button whilst attacking with left mouse button. Having tried both methods I have to say that mouse control - once you are used to it - is very good... especially in tricker situations when you need to move quickly and still keep accuracy on the weapon.
This game does not equal Syndicate as an isometric shooter... that has far more depth and hopefully one day ends up on GoG. This game does make an interesting diversion for an hour or two at a time for mindless blasting - so long as you are not the type to get 'upset' by some disturbing dialog or killing sprites of 'innocents'.