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Changelog for Patch 5023 (added 17 July 2018):

** This is a Windows only update. The Mac version will be updated as soon as possible. **

- Localized the game into Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish (Interface, Textures, and Subtitles), and Brazilian Portuguese (Subtitles)
- Added English, Polish, and Russian subtitles
- Added Chinese voice overs
- Added two non-cheat commands to manually disable portions of the Halloween event
- Added in-game video option for switching between DirectX and OpenGL renderers

Bug Fixes
- Fixed gas trials not lighting correctly
- Fixed RockinCats and BoppinCats cheats
- Fixed bloody Shovel texture being drawn on top of the Halloween Pitchfork
- Fixed mouse cursor sometimes appearing on the screen after ‘Vote’ errand in Fullscreen mode
- Fixed subtitles not appearing in certain scenarios

- Credits presentation updated
- Reduced volume of cutscene explosions in Napalm Factory
- Fixed music playing too loudly in Compound level
- Adjusted Greenbelt2 telemarketer position in Greenbelt1 to fix players being able to walk backwards and escape the map
high rated
Patch 5024 (21 May 2020)

- Exploding NPCs - NPCs should now correctly go into ragdolls on death.
- Gamma settings getting reset
- The game will now start full screen when starting from a fresh install
- FOV changing as you are playing the game (Rare bug that was affecting certain mods)
- Third-person view weapon disappearing
- Various small fixes to some of the underlying systems
- Various fixes to the MP code in order to improve the experience for those playing Nick's Co-op
How come that the .bin file from patch 5024 is about a gigabyte smaller than the one from 5023 (2.3 GiB vs. 3.3 GiB)?