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I just bought this game, but cannot play it. I can watch the intro video, use the menu, pick starting stats, and see a load screen. As soon as the load screen finishes, the game shuts off and a German error page pops up called "Walhalla Exception." I'm using Windows XP. Any help is greatly appreciated.
This question / problem has been solved by Ralackkimage
Ralackk: Hey, I'll certainly try to help. Frist off I notice the link is actually dead now, must have happened after the site came out of beta. Are you adding a space between the games path and the -windowed tag on the target line?
devsingh: I'm also experiencing this Walhalla Exception problem. Is it possible for you to repost the link instructions?

So the game crashed, right after the loading screen. then (in german) there popped up an error message, that "Port" seemed to caused an error. it offered me to show the "error log" and there was something with "Walhalla" - i found an old community entry on GOG.

So after trying some compatibility, resolution, windowmode stuff, i found the solution at least for WIN7 in the shortcut-menu:

1. I set the compatibilty to Windows XP
2. I deactivated the checkbox for "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings"
3. INGAME: I set the resolution on 1024x768.

Game worked after that. It will NOT work on a higher resolution though! But i had the other settings on high.

I think the first two points are the most important ones :)