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I got both populus 1 and 2 running on my win.10. but not the beginning wich is the most player friendly of them. This 1 was the game i really looked forward to play again. It get an error when i try to start up the game. Some error during install? should i try to reinstall it? After my meaning the 2 others is to go to far back. The game needs to give a little part of good feeling, This 1 is closer to the modern games than the others so it gives a better feeling.Bought the complete but was out for the newest. These games hardly take any space at all anyway. Any good advise to give?

Oddly enough, Wine seems to be the best option I've found. QT4Wine specifically if you can't figure out how to get it on a virtual desktop.
giangole: i run the command from the dos and i get an error that weanetr is not a win32 application...
I even bought it on origin and i get an error about the same file, I think is liek some major incompatibility with win10...
DuSTman31: I believe there's been a significant change to the way windows handles DLLs in win10, and these problems are deriving from there..

Do you, by any chance, have more than one copy of (different versions of) weanetr.dll on your system?
Please read whay y wrote in "populous doesnt start". It is the last comment. It works
I was have this trouble with comandos 1

phase one:
delete shortcups
go to the folder of populous
search popTB.exe
rename popTB.exe to popTB_.exe

phase two
create desktop shortcut of popTB_.exe
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