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TheGabber: As i said in my previous post, it worked fine on windows XP with the exact same videocard, so it is compatible just not in combination with windows 8,1.
There must be a way to fix this for GoG or AMD...
You didn't read my post correctly at all. I asked WHAT version of the 7750 this was, there's a non-HD version that was released many years and a more recent HD version with the same number: my question was really if this was the older non-HD version or the HD version. Please read posts in the future.
i got windows 10 running and some games work well, like heroes of might and magic 3 and alpha zentauri.. but populous is crashing direktly after the game opens with the black backround and should display the intro video.

only report i get is, game "crahed"

kompartibility mode doesn´t help, indicated ways in this forum doesn´t work.. im lost.

i played and loved this game back when i played it as a child, so i´d love it to play it again

pls help me on this.


asus X751LJ
intel i3 - 5010u
geforce 920m
4gb ram
500gb hdd

windows 10 home - 64bit