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I'm having a whole host of issues with the game. Choppy sound, graphical issues, stuttering mouse; everything everyone's mentioned on the forums so far.

I've checked all the other threads about the sound and graphical issues; no one had a solution for the sound issue and the graphical issue I'm in the works of trying to solve.

Edit: PopEnhance only fixed the strange lines on the UI; resolution changer didn't do anything. Game also keeps resetting the resolution to 640x480 despite whatever I've set for it, whether ingame or in the setup utility.

I am using Vista x64. Full specs here:

I played this game for weeks as a kid, including multiplayer. Would really love to get this working properly so I can experience the game again as an adult. (As I would the other games I bought and have issues with, ugh.)

[rant] I'm not happy with GoG right now. They were supposed to be about releasing old games that work with current OS's; now it just seems like they're a digital game store that sells DRM free games, nevermind bothering to fix up old games to run properly anymore.

The game doesn't even come with the latest patch, for one.

This is the 2nd game I've tried playing in the holiday pack I recently bought and it doesn't work properly. Not good GoG.

I'm saying this here because I don't know where to vent my frustration with GoG. Maybe I will send them an e-mail. [/rant]

Edit: How joyous; they don't accept technical inquiries for the old games they've released.

Oh cool, we have to use bbcode on EVERY SINGLE LINE (paragraph) or else it doesn't work. Who designed this forum software?

I may sound bitchy at the moment, but jesus, I'm in a foul mood from my experiences with GoG right now.

If anyone has a solution for the sound issue, it'd be appreciated, because nothing has worked so far.
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Is the sound choppy in the levels or just on the main menu ?
The resolution of the main menu is capped to 640x480, if you go into the game it'll go to the resolution you set. Please note that there is a resolution limit of 1280x720 (for 16:9 screens) and 1280x800 (for 16:10 screens) so resolutions like 1920x1080 won't work.
At all times; hence why I consider the game nearly unplayable.

At least 1280x800 is more pleasing on the eyes than 1024x768. Seems odd that there'd be a resolution cap of a non 4:3 resolution.
Well, I seem to have fixed the sound issue by enabling ALchemy for the game.

Also set my resolution to 1280x1024, as I discovered that was the max in another thread. May change to x960 though, looks a bit stretched.

Graphical issues as I said seem to be fixed with PopEnhance.

The only thing left now is the mouse issues; which I've no idea how to begin to fix. Probably wouldn't have a problem in windowed mode, but, old games don't really have a window mode option.
Try Running in Software Rendering Mode Though the Setup Utility
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