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Hello everyone, this is the first time in a long time I played this game on another computer and I remember it being a pain to get it to run back then. Now, I looked at the stickies to see how to run it and installed the unofficial patch as well. The major problem is that this game has some of the worse framerates I have ever seen. I'm not sure why it has this problem and I'm all out of ideas on how to tweak the damn thing.

If anyone can throw me some suggestions my way, much would be appreciated. I might have overlooked something while patching it up so any tips can definately help.
HI. What did the trick for me was to uncheck the WIN95 compatibility mode, by clicking with the right mouse button on the desktop icon -> properties -> compatibility
This worked both on softwre and hardware mode with dgvodoo, win 10 and 8.1.
Ok, I think I know the problem but I'm sure what the solution could be. The reason is my mouse. See, I'm using my laptop and I can't play games with a trackpad so I use a mouse. In game, only the mouse presents lag while using just the keyboards and trackpad keeps the game flowing smooth. Is it hardware acceleration?

This thread has all the information I needed previously.
TLDR; " - add /frameratemouse as a parameter to d3poptb.exe", check attached pic.

You can add "-allres" if you want higher resolutions as well.