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How do I set up a Multiplayer Game in Populous 2?

Thank you for your assistance!
This question / problem has been solved by Kasper79image
I have the same question.
I tried going through the "multiplayer" shortcut in the start menu, setting one computer to host and the other to client, and puting in the ip of the host when starting the client. Then I tried both "serial" and "network", but neither seemed to work.

Better detailed instructions (like the ones for populous 1) would be really great.

anyone get this to work?
I want tot try Pop1 or Pop2 in MP... don´t know if this works with GOG Galaxy...
Please help me with 2-Player Setup under Windows 10. Thank you very much!
here is a possible solution: windows have 2 ip protocols: version 4 and version 6. version 4 is used for gaming. the thing is that some games tries to use version 6 even though they only support version 4. as a result you need to disable version 6 from network and sharing. there you can find your connection and change settings for network card. then you need to click your connection and select properties. there you will see internet protocol version 4 and internet protocol version 6, disable version 6 and click on ok.