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I just installed SWAT 3 GOTY edition and noticed that for some reason when starting the campaign all missions are instantly available. Why is this the case? I used to play the basic version of SWAT 3 in the past and there the missions were unlocked by beating the previous one, starting with the airport sniper guy. Are always all missions unlocked in the GOTY edition or did I accidentally activate some kind of cheat (I certainly didn't try using one)? Annoys me a whole lot.

Edit: I restarted the game and suddenly all missions were locked again, even after loading that save state where they had all been available. I guess it was either a bug or that I incidentally activated some kind cheat. Weird stuff.

Edit 2: Okay, I found out how it happened. It's indeed a bug. If you choose a single mission first (at least without playing it) and then start a career many missions are unlocked.
Post edited October 08, 2011 by F4LL0UT