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Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone else has been having this problem: Upon loading, PQ 1-4 will either not have video or will freeze with the Sierra splash screen and/or the cursor icon. I can still hear music, however. This is is the normal full screen mode for DOSBox. When I minimize the program and then it comes back up in the smaller window, the program seems to run just fine (video and sound ok). I have set the games to run as administrator and I have fooled around with the settings as much as I am comfortable fooling aroudn with them (tried different compatability modes, changing the Graphic Mode setup settings, changing the config file video settings, etc.). I did turn the console on and when DOSBox boots up it says that VGA is no longer supported and to run SVGA_S3 - I tried this change and still no luck. I am just not familiar enough with DOSBox to try anything else. Any help would be appreciated.

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