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I noticed that there wasn't a Windows version of this game, nor a DOS version. It makes the player play it in SCUMMVM, but how come they don't have it set up to run in DOSbox?

It would also be nice if they had included the floopy version of the game too.

The menu that pops up for Police Quest In Pursuit of The Death Angel is great, I love how the menu lets the player decide which version of the game to play.

Is there a way to build a menu like the one for PQ/PQ1 for other Sierra Games, like Police Quest Open Season? I have the floppy and cd versions, and if I could make a custom menu for them, that would be great, but how is where I'm having trouble.

For example, a custom menu for both the floppy and Windows cd version of it.

If anyone can help that would be appreciated.