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Are there any fanmade games that are tributes to "Police Quest?"
Nope, there aren't.

Although back in the 2000s, there were a couple of attempts at remaking Police Quest II, none ever reached completion. I also recall stumbling on a fan made Police Quest type of adventure game in development back when I was posting on the AGS forums (Adventure Game Studio) by a user named Knox but I don't believe that has been released, and I do not know if Knox is still actively working on that game.

If you want more games like Police Quest, try out Blue Force (designed by Jim Walls) or L.A. Noire. For more games like Police Quest SWAT, you've got Deadline, an old but unforgivingly difficult game similar to XCOM but in real time instead of turn based, which felt a lot like SWAT II, and the Rainbow Six series, which share similarities with SWAT III.