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As stated in another thread the newspaper (Gazette), manualls and maps can be downloaded under extra/additional content. And you need to..!

I started PQ1 now for the 4th time, searching for the damn Gazetta (newspaper) where the code for my looker is writtin.. Sure, i looked into the Gamefolders, and look here, there is a documentation folder - but not with the Gazetta-pdf which is needed to play the game.

This is not right. Not badly meant. Please add this to the Gamedownload itself. This is not "additional" content, this is maincontent of the game.. you need it to play, to start the game. : P

This question / problem has been solved by Thievimage
btw. I marked this as question/problem as it was a problem for me and i think it is a problem for others as well.

So, it is not a question to be "ansered", it is more a problem to be solved ; ) : P
what is a Grunter-Sows Score..

t though some Football Game Score which is written in the newspaper..? still cant find it..

I would really like to open the locker and start the game..

thanks for help! :)
Shuangli: what is a Grunter-Sows Score..
26-9. Gazette page 2.
Post edited January 23, 2011 by Thiev
Shuangli: what is a Grunter-Sows Score..
Thiev: 26-9. Gazette page 2.
oh damn, totally oversaw that, clearly I was searching too hard.. my fault.. without help i would have been to stupid to open my locker, lol.

thank you! :)

p.s.: but still, the newspaper should be in the document folder of the installed game! ;)
Shuangli: p.s.: but still, the newspaper should be in the document folder of the installed game! ;)
Maybe it's just oversight. For example, keywords for Might & Magic don't have to be downloaded separately. Still, it's not that big issue, IMHO ;)
oh well, no question of "big" more of annoying with the possability to be changed if someone tells the gog-team ;)

im sure i was not the only one who searched for the gazetta, looking in the game folder and looking around in game, losing, lets say 10-20 minutes at least before looking at the additional content on the gog website. not to count in the lost nerves cause of this.

so, it is not a question of a big issue, it is just an issue to be communicated. i could have also said nothing - would that be better..?

just to clearify as the "big issue, imho" has such a negative conotation towards this topic :P