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The following archives can be extracted into the game folder to add a language:
* French 7.21 MiB (7,562,093 bytes)
* Italian 7.17 MiB (7,526,626 bytes)
* German 7.28 MiB (7,636,736 bytes)
* Spanish 7.16 MiB (7,510,034 bytes)

The game language can be changed in the <pod_gold_gog>\UBISOFT\ubi.ini.

On Windows Vista or newer you should have a look at the %LocalAppData%\VirtualStore directory (the Microsoft Windows Application Compatibility shims might/will virtualize the write access because %ProgramFiles%, %ProgramFiles(x86)%, and %windir% are read-only by default).
Post edited November 13, 2012 by nicode
The archives have been created by extracting the language specific files from the following POD patches:

* French [url=][/url] + [url=]updatePOD21_3dfx.exe[/url]
* Italian 10x21i.exe
* German [url=][/url]
* Spanish [url=]10x21S.exe[/url]

The case of the file names has been changed to support installations on Linux (Wine).
Thanks a lot ! I've try it for french addon and I don't have found any problems.
I reinstalled the game on Win10 and Italian patch doesn't work anymore: the game says "Insert CD-ROM".