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POD works fairly well in Linux, introduction, sounds, music, high resolution, custom content... you name it. But you need a fairly long setup.


nglide (only if you want to use extra content)

extra content (my favorite track is Fallen)

Install POD in a clean wineprefix, I assume you installed in c:\POD .
I usually use this environment (after setting WINEPREFIX)

Add the indeo drivers reference to windows/system.ini,
Open the system.ini file with your favorite editor and under the [drivers32] section add this line:

In the POD directory, decode the mp3 file to wav
$ lame --decode Track02.mp3
$ rm Track02.mp3

Copy PodHacks.exe in the POD installation directory and install it:
$ cd "$WINEPREFIX"/drive_c/POD
$ wine PodHacks.exe --install

Install the nGlide wrapper and configure it.
$ wine nGlide100_setup.exe

You might want to: set Screen Resolution; Aspect ratio (4:3); and disable the splash screen. If you want to play in a window, use wine virtual desktop of the desired size and set the resolution at the same size .
$ cd "$WINEPREFIX"/drive_c
$ wine ./windows/system32/nglide_config.exe

Remove the GOG glide wrapper
$ rm "$WINEPREFIX"/drive_c/POD/glide2x.dll

If you want to use custom content you also need some other steps.
When you download content be sure that it is a 3dfx version!
Doing this steps also easily allows the play the tracks backward.

Set the windows version to win98, use winecfg or winetricks
$ winetricks win98

Unpack cdpatcher in the POD directory and create the directories for the new content
$ unzip -d "$WINEPREFIX"/drive_c/POD/cdpatcher2
$ cd "$WINEPREFIX"/drive_c/POD/cdpatcher2
$ mkdir Circuits
$ mkdir Voitures

Create an ini file to let cdpatcher to find the installation directory
$ cd "$WINEPREFIX"/drive_c
$ mkdir windows/UbiSoft
$ echo -ne '[POD2_0]\r\nDirectory=C:\\POD\\\r\n' >windows/UbiSoft/ubi.ini

Unpack your new tracks in Circuits and your new cars in Voitures and enjoy.
Post edited January 05, 2013 by etb
There are some winetricks verbs to install the GOG release into a prefix, switch between full-screen and virtual desktop, and to install and setup the POD Data Patcher (includes the official tracks and vehicles). Feel free to contribute fixes and/or enhancements.

POD is not working "perfectly" in Linux (and on Windows if Glide is emulated with D3D). I'm working on PodHacks 4.0 to fix the multi-threading issues with D3D.
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I am sure you know what are you talking about so I fixed the first post, but I noticed no problems.
I updated the winetricks verb for the current setup (