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I am trying to buld a ship using floating platforms. The problem I have is that they keep on flipping upside down. Anyone know of how to prevent this from happening?
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Part of the challenge of working with Floating Foundations is, that if you don't have it anchored to the ground while building, adding a new Foundation will first add the frame and thus its weight, and onöy once you've completed the new foundation add bouyancy -- which will have the center of mass of the superstructure move around, very likely leading to the whole structure keeling over.

The way I tackle this, is to build at least two, the more the better, Floating Foundations while the structure is still supported by something connecting it to the sea floor.

From then on I am usually able to keep things from going haywire by fiddling with the bouyancy settings, ocassionally balancing things out by building temporary counterweights.