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Having lots of fun with this; worth the money despite in-dev status. :) Only been playing one game so far.

- Did base-building, but decided I wanted to be an actual planet nomad and build a self-sustaining mobile base so I wouldn't need to worry about returning anywhere: I could just slowly move across the planet.
- Vehicle design is cool; feels like engineering. I've got one carrying a compact FAD, a medium printer with a lot of conveyor-connected storage, a stasis chamber, and a beacon. That's heavy, but not too heavy for eight wheels to push up some decent slopes.
- I first tried a bio-generator, but that was too heavy. I now power the machines as well as the wheels with batteries. I'm wondering about using hinges in the middle for up and down action, to let more wheels provide traction while traversing rough terrain, but I haven't tried it yet.
- I use herbs for water only, and eat dried meat. With that and a stasis chamber, survival has been straightforward.
- I've gotten good at building bridges. :) (This planet doesn't seem to be erosion-aware; I feel like it's got some gravity issues. :P )
- Underwater travel seems fastest; fewer cracks and obstacles, and more flat terrain. Underwater rain is a bit odd, however. :P
- So far all creatures seem to behave the same way; territorial within a certain range, and protective of nests. Would be cool if there were different behaviors. For instance, in Gothic 1, shadowbeasts were deadly, but seemed lazy. They wouldn't chase you far, and you could walk pretty close before they got aggressive (very like these creatures). Snappers, on the other hand, hunted in packs, and never stopped chasing you no matter how far away from their territory you ran (I think they were the only creature in Gothic 1 like that, IIRC).
- Would like to see a water pump, to automatically provide dirty water.
- Really like the conveyors.
- I haven't built a large greenhouse yet, so maybe it already does this, but it would be nice to able to be completely self-sufficient from gathering seeds (so the plants you produce also have seeds).
- I feel like this could become an interesting MMO. :P
- I really want thrusters for my vehicle, to help it over bumps. :)
- Would like to see a plow-like frontal attachment for a vehicle, to make crunching through foliage easier.
- Seems odd that (toxic) herbs are required to get clean water. (I can understand needing herbs for electrolyte water.)
- Vulcanism would be an interesting major feature to add to the world. :) (And geothermal energy!)
Roccandil: ...
- terrain erosion - depends on planet. On my first planet, trip 10km away from base took some 15 hours, and countless reloading after my vehicle fell into yet another hole I was unable to spot in time. Current planet - I'm already 12km away in tundra, and I had to reload once, and use winch one or two times. It took about 2 or 3h, with frequent stops to collect resources. Maybe I just got better at spotting them holes. Anyway, mid-august they plan to release new world generation (and wipe current saves) that will make the world look more natural (and no more floating rocks I hope)
- vehicles - I tried to build nuclear-powered vehicle several times, but it was unable to climb even slightest slope. My battery-powered 6wheeler (only storage and stasis chamber) can climb up to some 30-40 degrees (not straight, with some cruising), but changing batteries every 40 minutes is becoming a bother. I don't dare put more batteries in because they draw power whether the vehicle is parked or driving. Knowing myself, I'd forget to take them out when I go on foot and let it eat my whole supply. Too bad we don't see block weight, if I knew for example 1 reactor = 20 stasis chambers I'd know straight away to give up. Maybe if I crammed even more wheels on it...
- large greenhouse it not self-sufficient, we still have to provide seeds ourselves, it just grows stuff faster I think
- plow - I like this
- water pump - same, I even had this idea myself, but never posted it anywhere yet
- vehicles: yeah, I wish you could see the weight of objects. I also noticed that the weight was counted as soon as you put down the frame, which I found interesting. I -was- able to add a medium printer as well as the stasis chamber and storage. I don't know how battery charge works; I just loaded up the battery packs, and never had a problem. I do wish there was an easy way to power off an entire building or vehicle.
- yeah, I built a large greenhouse just to test; was disappointed. Here's hoping we can become self-sufficient farmers in a future update. :)

Anyhow, I finished the content (unlocked everything, found rarest resource, and built final advanced gear).

- I'm not sure I like resource distribution; maybe I need to play more games, but it feels like the resources are arranged around your crash site (so that more distant biomes have rarer resources). This is somewhat immersion-breaking; the planet shouldn't care about you at all. The rarest resource is actually plentiful, the biome where you find it is simply very distant (and dangerous). Maybe the explanation is that you always deliberately crash-land on the equator, since remote bio-readings indicated it was best?
- When using the rifle, I wish you could see wildlife health (maybe just use the circle indicator like everything else).
- I found the southern magnetic pole; was hoping it was there, and wasn't disappointed. :)
- Traveling on foot is by far the fastest. You can carry plenty of food and water, and you can jetpack while your stamina recovers, and sprint while your suit recharges. :) I do recommend having some thermal injections for emergencies, although carrying the parts to build a stasis chamber as needed is very helpful. Sleeping bags aren't needed at all.
- Herbs are probably the most important resource. I decided using them to make food was a waste, since you can eat dried meat and fruitage. I still think herbs shouldn't be needed for clean water. :P
I played around some more yesterday. Going on foot is fast in bad terrain, but when you are lucky with your planet seed, you can't beat car. North pole to my base (17km distance) in one and half battery charge, which means slightly over an hour of real time. And I had to dig my car out of one hole. Not the usual bottomless abyss, but I still had to remove good chunk of terrain before I was able to drive out of it. Gravity-assisted (downhill) speed was over 70kph, and even on straight plain I was driving faster than the game could generate trees and rocks in my path.

Also, it means that the planet is very tiny. That xaenite that polar regions are made of under thin snow layer must be incredibly dense, otherwise we should fly off to the space with first jump.

As for resource distribution... I didn't try, but I belive that if you went through the desert to the other hemisphere, you would again find area with only basic minerals. It's based on dangerousness of the biome (gameplay decision), and you chose to land in most friendly biome (a wise decision even if this was IRL). Well, usually you land in friendly place. My latest crashland site had plenty of aluminium and silver lying around, I had hard time finding iron to get the basic items.
Good to know about crash sites. Reckon I'll do a new game when the next major release drops, and see where I land. :)

This would be cool to play coop, by the way; I hope the devs can come up with something like that eventually.
Started another game on 0.7. I like the additions, especially the plant and animal changes. Using carbon to make clean water is great.

Overall, however, despite the procedural world, the basic gameplay feels exactly the same:

1) Build level one gear;
2) Stockpile enough food and water to go due north or south to a biome with rare resources (and bring enough materials to construct a temporary stasis chamber as needed);
3) Return and build level two gear;
4) Stockpile enough food and water (and temperature stims) to go to a pole to get xaenite;
5) Return and build level three gear.

And unless you like to build for building's sake, that's it. Not sure I like that.

One problem is that you know exactly where rare resources are in relation to your starting position, and it's easy to get to them (sprint while your suit recharges, and use your suit while your sprint recharges). Might be cool if rare resources were just that: scattered randomly throughout biomes, and not tied to any specific biome.

Or, maybe tie minerals to specific geographical traits that can show up in multiple biomes (like how gold could be panned for in rivers).

I'd also suggest allowing the multitool to do mineral scanning within a certain range, so that you can see if you're close to specific minerals.

That would at least put a little exploring back into things, and it wouldn't be all about traveling due north and south until you find guaranteed motherlodes of rare resources.