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In my opinion, a recipe for processing 100 Biomass Container for 1 Coal in Medium Refinery should be introduced into the game. The reason for my "wishes" is that there is a great need for coal itself, and the basic deposits have coal, but with additional ores (iron, silicon), and if you use different devices, then these extra ores stay and you do not know how to use them more specifically. The time for such processing would be 15 minutes.
I'm not aware of any resource in Planet Nomads named 'coal' -- I suspect, you're referring to 'Carbon'.

While I see the potential usefulness of being able to convert resources, the conversion you're suggesing doesn't appear to me as being particularly useful:

- You can simply drop what you don't need
- If a Biome has a great lot of Biomass, then either it also has a lot of Carbon, or is close to another Biome with lots of Carbon
- 15 Minutes for getting a single unit of Carbon is a lot of time. Depending on the properties of the planet, that's probably about the time you'd need to simply drive / hover / fly or even swim or walk to a Biome with lots of Carbon

Lastly, with a little bit of moving around, a Mining Machine can extract allmost all types of resources anywhere, at the very least the most commonly needed ones (albeit in miniscule amounts). And it allows for selecting, which resource it should mine.

A more useful conversion to me would be turning some resources into Biomass -- think of a self-sufficient polar base, for example.
I apologize for the mistake, but I do not like using Mining Mashine, dożżre current and "harvest" little. Let me quote one example - I wanted to use one of Mining Mashine, during the day the game only extracted 16 units of silicon, 7 units of iron and 1 carbon - a bit brittle.
I can compromise and get down from 15 minutes to 7 and a half minutes.