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I bought the original version on disk when the game initially shipped ages ago, and I later bought the GOG version at a great price years later, and modded it to the hilt according to the GOG <span class="bold">Planescape Torment Mod Spotlight Guide</span> & of course the Gibberlings 3 site, etc. I thought this was the pinnacle for the game--that it just wouldn't/couldn't get any better.

I finally bought the EE version (3.1.3) on sale because I was intrigued by how much better the screen shots looked in terms of the UI and the UI screen scaling--plus I like the Zoom feature a lot--which is really, really good in this EE title, btw.

OK, long story short--you'll hear people say "it's just like the original game with the mods," a sentiment which kept me from buying the EE for awhile--but now I own it and it's far more polished than that--a far more enjoyable experience than that, imho. So when GOG put it on sale this week @ $16.99 (10% off) I bit the bait, swallowed the hook and GOG reeled me in!...;) As PS:T is one of my all-time favorites, I'm glad they did! No regrets in the slightest!

My native resolution is 2560x1440 on a 28" monitor and with the modded original it's OK--it's "playable"--but the Graphics quality of the EE version just blows it away. I mean, there's no contest. The EE version enhances the original UI so that in many cases where I had tiny screens with the modded version at 2560x1440--like inventory--the EE uses an enhanced UI screen here which *fills the screen* @ 2560x1440 and looks like it was made for the game originally! Now *that*'s what "scaling is all about, imo. Everything is of a comfortable, flowing natural size when playing--even the UI bar at the bottom of the screen is *big improvement* over the original UI bar from the mods. At max res I can zoom all the way out or I can zoom in to to catch details that I'd miss in the modded original which simply rendered *everything* at 2560x1440, no matter how infinitesimally tiny the details might be...;)

To sum up, this game truly looks "enhanced" and they've improved on the modded version quite a bit, as resolution and POV are much wider than the original, and this greatly enhances the playability of the game--and the "zoom" again, I'll mention the zoom.

The original game with the stack of available mods looks just like what it is--a bunch of mods that produce a distinctly amateurish attempt to bring the game into this decade, and the mods combined do a great job of doing that--albeit the end result is piecemeal in terms of quality and "fit and finish" and so on. Until the EE version, the modded version of the game was the best available. Hands down. If you didn't want to mod it I'd say good luck on getting it to run at all or without problems, and the many and varied UI limitations of the earlier Infinity engine used in the original simple boils down to tedium today.

Plus, you can mod the EE version just like the originals! I have already done so--I especially like the Conversation-UI mod, in which you see the Journal image of the person you speaking with pop up as long as you speaking with that character--very nicely integrated, I thought. And several other things I am still going to add via mods for this game.

So that's it--I think Beamdog knocked itself out doing the EE version of this game--it works really really well and there is nothing that I can think of that they've done or implemented that ever "gets in the way" of playing the game. The EE package is much more functional and robust than the heavily modded original, and it moves this wonderful, intriguing game into the second decade of the 21st century like it was made for it. If you love this game you're going to want the EE version--but don't take my word for it, just buy the game and you'll automatically get the original game if you do not already own it in your GOG library. Take the original and mod it per my link in the first paragraph, and compare them yourself! EE is the only one I'll be playing from here on out.
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I agree. GOG is far too hard on Beamdog -- they did a spectacular job here.

I especially like the zoom function now that it's been fixed to do linear filtering. I wish every old pixel-based game had a zoom feature.
low rated
Shame about the horrible sprites, and the bundling + removal of the soundtrack.

The game itself is pretty good. 7/10. The IWD EE is very good as well. Never ran into any bugs in it at all. I guess this will change when it gets that horrible 2.0 patch too though.