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I set up my EE (own it on Steam) with the Weidu Fixpack and PS:T Unfinished Business Reloaded. Don't know if there's any other mods I'm missing or need for a close to vanilla but with bugs fixed experience. There's guides for setting that up with BG1 and 2 (classic and EE) but I haven't found any such guides for PS:T.
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"modding guide" in the title would mean something different to me than just not knowing how (and whether) to install mods.

anyway no, I would recommend playing EE vanilla first. Having UB wouldn't hurt, only it could. Nasty save corruption towards the end (recoverable from once happened tho somewhat messy, and reportedly preventable if taking action beforehand) but this might have been corrected since last time I've played/checked.

as for setting up in general - well it's generally the same as with all things weidu (messy lol)
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