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Changelog for Update 3.1.3 / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 01 June 2017):

Features Added
- 64 bit Linux support

Bug Fixes

- Cranium Rats spawn in fight with Many-as-One
- Missing gate guard added back to the Foundry
- Drusilla now realizes Ignus has been freed
- Vrischika will now purchase the Portal Lens
- Mantuok does not appear again after he is dead
- Bonus Hit Points from CON continue to be granted after level 10
- The Rearrange Party feature now works as it did in the original game
- The "Linear scaling" box now controls linear scaling consistently whether using DirectX or OpenGL
- "Eye" items with alignment restrictions no longer grant the player passive benefits when they shouldn’t
- Exceptional strength 18/01 no longer shows as 18/1
- Ravel's cutscene with TTO no longer stops before the end
- Changing character class in an area now does not cause portal triggers to cancel out
- The game does not end if TNO is killed in the Smoldering Corpse bar
- Zoom Lock should no longer distort cinematic spells
- The "Lost Item" feedback message now appears when TNO loses an item
- Cutscenes return camera to the level of zoom they started in
- Turning off "Critical Hit Screen Shake" in the baldur.lua file disables screen shake during critical hits
- Right clicking joinable NPCs no longer produces selection sounds
- Voice actor names have been corrected in the credits
- Added default names to save games
- The party can now get to the Pillar of Skulls when using single file formation
- Dialogue about breaking out of prison does not happen if party isn't imprisoned
- The GUI returns after Ravels death
- Fixed Pestle Kiln’s missing textures
- PST:EE supports loading M_*.lua files
- Smooth Area Transitions should no longer reduces voice volume when arriving in a new area
- Fixed the Lock View on Character tooltip so it does not overlap the button/arrow

- Casting Chromatic Orb at night no longer leaves the screen green
- Ice Knife's THAC0 penalty is now temporary
- The level of zoom in the Shattered Crypt does not affect Lesser Vargouilles' spawning
- Infernal Shield cannot be dispelled by quickload anymore
- The Fog of War now reappears after Abyssal Fury is cast and the victim fails their saving throw
- Stygian Ice Storm visuals have been fixed
- Tricha in the Curst pit fight now runs
- Silhouettes no longer appear during cutscene spells
- Guardian Mantle does not last forever anymore
- Morte's Litany of Curses now gets harder to resist as he learns new taunts
- Using Guard should set the party to guard an area does not toggle the draw selection button anymore

- [French] Dialog with Fhjull is now fully translated
- [French, German] Aegis of Torment description has been fully translated
- [French] 'défilement' now contains a hyphen
- [French] Quell is now translated consistently
- [German, French] Fixed dialog errors in Lower Ward quests
- [German] Typo fixes
- [Korean] Translations suggestions and typo fixes added
- [Non-English] Saving using the default name now works
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Changelog for Update 3.1.4 (added 10 January 2019):

- Added Czech localization