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I am trying to extract .bif files in Planescape Torment to modify some of the audio files. Looking online I have found you need to use a third party bif extractor, and need to load chitin.key from the games base folder. I have gotten that far, and the contents of the bif files appear in the bif extractor window when I load chitin.key, but when I attempt to extract any of the files in these bifs, the extractor either crashes, or says 'extraction successful', but doesn't actually extract anything.
I have used several clients, including WinBiff, UnBif and BifRip, but have had no luck. I have gotten the furthest with WinBiff but still haven't been able to properly extract a file.

Have other people encountered these issues, or know a way around them?
I am using the steam version of Planescape Torment, with an unmodified install. Also I'm on windows 10.