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Has anyone tried this, and played for a longer time than just leaving the mortuary?

For me, it seems to fix all graphical glitches in Torment, with regard to the fog of war, flickering and trailing cursor, and sprite rendering errors. (Except for characters walking backward. That still needs to be fixed by selecting the "Mirror BLT" option in game.)

The Application Compatibility Toolkit can be found here:

After downloading and installing it, start the "Compatibility Administrator (32-bit)". It wil start with a default database. Rightclick the database, and add an application fix. Give it a name, set the publisher, and point the program to the Torment.exe file.

Then in the next windows, select the following:
- Compatibility Mode: Windows XP Service Pack 3
Application Fixes (in addition to the already selected ones)
- EmulateHeap
- ForceDirectDrawEmulation
- IgnoreCRTExit
- IgnoreFreeLibrary
- NoShadow

Last, select all criteria for recognizing the executable.

When finished, save the database somewhere. You can put it anywhere, and re-use it if you ever need to re-install. After saving, rightclick the database, and click "Install". You should get a message that the database was correctly installed.

I have tried this on a computer running Windows 7 x64, and has an nVidia GTX 560 Ti, using driver version 310.70. It seems to work up until now, but I've just played parts of the mortuary to test. Has anybody tried this before and played any further?


PS: If you want, you can also fix BG1, BG2, IWD and IWD2. You only need to set this fix: "ForceDirectDrawEmulation", and the games will work in 32-bit color without hardware acceleration. (In my case, this gave much better colors in the spell effects than aqrit's DirectDraw Fix, for some reason.)

One thing to keep in mind is this. For PST, you *HAVE* to select "Compatibility Mode: Windows XP Service Pack 3", or it won't work. For BG1 (EasyTuTu), BG2, IWD and IWD2, must NOT select this, or the ForceDirectDrawEmulation won't work. At least, on my current system. (And keep in mind that BG1 EasyTuTu is actually launched by BGMain.exe, and not Baldur.exe.)
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Lol. first time I've had to thank someone for something they said or did 3-and-a-half years ago, but thanks Katsunami!

I was scouring the internet for "Application Compatibility Toolkit Arcanum" to find fixes for Arcanum so I wouldn't have to go through the trouble of fixing the game every year when something breaks it and your post has given me a bunch of new ideas to try. Cheers!

Also if you still have any old games you're struggling to get working on a modern 64bit system give one of the following a try, along with ACT they are like my "retro gaming toolkit" for getting old games to play on Windows 10...

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