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In the classic version of Pirates!, after retiring, I am unable to save a career to the Pirate Hall of Fame. I'm asked to insert a Save Disk into a drive then press the trigger. Pressing the trigger simply causes the same dialogue box to pop back up.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?
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Haronniin: ... Does anyone know how to resolve this?
I'm not sure why the game asks for a game disk. Maybe it can't write in the game's directory. Try running the game as Administrator (Right-click the game's shortcut => Run as ..)

If this doesn't work, you could try to provide a virtual drive B: within DOSBox (the virtual DOS environment for the game)

- Go to the games folder ..\Pirates Pack\Pirates!
- Open the file dosboxP_single.conf with any text editor
- After "@echo off" add the following new line

mount B "..\Pirates!" -t floppy

Within your DOSBox environment for Pirates! the game will now use your game's directory (..\Pirates Pack\Pirates!) as floppy drive B:, hence it should try to save there.
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Thank you DeMignon for your assistance. Allow me to elaborate a bit more.

I am able to save my game normally in all other circumstances. It is only in this one case, that of saving a retired adventurer.

Regardless, I attempted to follow your instructions. I should probably have mentioned in my initial post that I am running the game on a Mac which seems to employ the Boxer version of DosBox. As such the directory structure and even the names and content of conf files are different.

I'll install this on my PC and see I can compare the two and sort out what needs to get changed where.

Again, thank you for your effort to assist.