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i have seen many Screenshots and Videos from the Native and DosBox-Emulated Pinball Goldpack and almost in every is the Ball perfectly round.

I have an 1080p Laptop Monitor.

I have as an example Pinball Dreams installed with gog-installer and following startet, i have set the fullscreen-resolution to desktop and set the windows to original. But with every scaler non to hq3x the ball remains a flat sphere.

How can i get Perfect Aspect Ration and an Perfectly Rounded ball? A pixel perfect emulation like i'm start it on original hardware?

As far as I know these games always had that problem.
These games were ported from the Amiga which uses a different aspect ratio than IBM compatibles.
Screenshots can easily be manipulated or maybe they used the Amiga version for screenshots.
Also scalers aren't going to correct this.

One thing you need to do is check the keep aspect ratio in the configurator to prevent excessive stretching of the image.