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how is the version? i only know pinball dreams and fantasies from amiga 500
no one?
I used to play Pinball Dreams, Fantasies and Illusions on my Amiga(s) and I was very disappointed by the DOSbox wrap sold here on GOG. The graphics have the wrong ratio, one game has broken graphics (only in the menu IIRC), the DOSbox config is terrible and I had to spend a lot of time to fix it, and when you play in fullscreen you can’t alt-tab.

Also the provided dosbox requires an obsolete version of libpng (1.2).
Edit: ok I see on the libpng web site that "libpng 1.2.x continues to get security fixes" and it’s installable in Gentoo so it’s not that bad…

Edit: I installed libpng 1.2 but now the game fails because it wants libpulse-simple… Looks like I’ll have to use another build of DOSbox if I want to play.

Edit: I’m using Linux; the Windows version might be better.
Post edited December 25, 2016 by stqn
if you set pinball dreams on low res, you get a version similar to the amiga version.