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EDIT: This is for PoE1

I've got a weird bug. When I load a game, whether through F8 shortcut, or from the menu, the screen starts scrolling in the bottom left direction. Doesn't happen always, but often enough to make it annoying. Maybe around half the time.

The same issue happens when I take a screenshot using PrtScn. In this case it always happens.

I googled but couldn't find anything. Anyone else has this problem and knows a solution? Using Linux version on Linux Mint.
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Update: I found out when it happens.

Basically it happens: always.

However if I move the mouse during "Loading..." screen then it doesn't happen. All I have to do is move it slightly in any direction and the screen won't move after it's loaded.
More updates:
This scrolling, aside from happening on Load game or on PrntScreen also happens when I alt+tab or press the windows key.
And I *finally* found someone with the same issue. I was not alone

No solution so far...

And here
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So after looking around, it seems it's a bug in Unity3D and can also be seen in Wasteland 2. No real fix. Mostly on Linux, though there is one mention of it on Windows 7.

Anyway, as a workaround I wrote this script:


xinput test-xi2 --root 3 | gawk '/RawKeyRelease/ {getline; getline; print $2; fflush()}' | while read -r key;
# Check if F8
if [ "$key" == "74" ]; then
sleep 2
xdotool mousemove_relative 1 0
xdotool mousemove_relative -- -1 0
It basically checks if F8 was pressed, which is the key assigned to quickload, and if it does it waits for 2 seconds then moves the mouse pointer 1 pixelback and forth.
(you have to move mouse while the loading screen, so not too early and not too late. 2 sec works fine on mine, but you might have to adjust depending on how fast it loads on your machine).

This doesn't fix the issue when moving to new areas, nor when using PrintScreen or AltTab, but it does work for quickload which is how I most often come across this bug. A bit crude, but does the job.
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